Undergraduate Program

The Hellenic Studies programme offers a unique opportunity to combine your interest in the ancient and modern world, to study Ancient Greek language and History and acquire knowledge of Modern Greek History from Ottoman times until today. You can learn more about the history of Greek communities and diaspora from the Mediterranean to the world between the 18th and the 20th century.

The programme situates Hellenic Studies within Humanities and European Studies. You will be able to improve your Greek language skills and read and discuss Modern Greek literature and culture. You will also know the history that has defined this modern state and will discuss with your fellow students and your professors issues that are vital in Canadian society as much as they are in Greek: immigration, citizenship, identity.

The Greek community in Toronto, with the creation of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair, has chosen York to be the premier centre of Hellenic studies in Ontario.

As well as providing a formal degree program for students interested in ancient and modern Greece, Hellenic Studies will help you develop critical reading, analysis and writing skills and will give you an excellent range of experience in art criticism, language work, historical analysis, literary and philosophical study.