Hellenic Studies combines learning about the Ancient Greek world with Greek History and Language in the modern period. Established in 2002 with the generous support of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation and York University, the Program offers courses on Ancient and Modern Greece and promotes the field of Modern Greek Studies, especially History, Language and Literature, by organizing lectures and conferences. The program and the Chair in Modern Greek History support Faculty and student scholarly activities, as well as cultural events in the city of Toronto, in Canada and in Greece.

York University offers a full undergraduate degree program (BA Honours, BA, BA Minor) in Hellenic Studies. This program is ideally suited for students who wish to pursue a teaching or research career in Hellenic / Modern Greek Studies, History or Literature or who wish to undertake a career in journalism, law, business, by combining a major in Hellenic Studies with another degree.

The Program of Hellenic Studies offers a comprehensive instruction in Modern Greek language at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. The third - advanced - level is devoted to the study of Greek literature and film as well as language. Students in Hellenic Studies can chose a range of courses from other programs, such as Humanities and European Studies, excel in another European language or combine their degree with a different program.

Graduates acquire a thorough knowledge of the Ancient world and Modern Greek History and Language, within a comparative European and Mediterranean perspective. The Program encourages the inter-disciplinary study and Hellenic Studies graduates gain from courses in History, Arts, Philosophy, European Studies and Mediterranean History. Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to study in Greece, advance their language skills and experience Greek everyday life in exchange programs with Greek Universities.

Thanks to the generous support of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation and York University there are funding opportunities both at the graduate and undergraduate level.  Students interested to pursue graduate work in the field of Modern Greek economic and social history are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Program in History and can contact Sakis Gekas at agekas@yorku.ca for more information.